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Zoals velen weten zijn we NOMADESK partner. 
Vandaag kondigde nomadesk een zeer interessante nieuwe aanpassing aan, met name integratie in OFFICE365 !
Today is a "cool" day, where we can proudly announce that Nomadesk and Microsoft Office 365 Online play nicely together :-)
We are one of the first European Enterprise File-sharing and Sync (EFSS) providers to conclude the "Microsoft Cloud Storage Program Integration Agreement"

All Nomadesk clients (*), provided they have a valid Office 365 license, can now use the Microsoft's online productivity tools to collaborate on Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, while these remain safely stored on the Nomadesk Vault(s).  The integration even supports co-authoring - make sure to check it out!  Direct editing of Office files, shared via a Nomadesk FolderLink, is now possible too.
Voor meer informatie over Nomadesk en onze cloud oplossingen kan u ons altijd contacteren !